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Z U is an agency company working in the furniture sector in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg for well-selected leading Europese manufacturers. We offer the healthy mix between knowledge for our resellers and service to the final customer.Design is a feeling, quality a characteristic and service the obviousness. 



Our partner brands are Treku, BD Barcelona Design, Casamilano, Nanimarquina, Bosa and Functionals.


"zet u", as we say in Dutch, "take a seat" starts in 2002. Our society is in constant evolution, borders get vague, residents want to feel comfortable in their changing habitats. Also the borders between a home and the workplace come closer to each other. ZU offers solutions. 

Design and chic is our style.  


Treku produces modular systems for the living room, bedroom or workspace. You can compose your furniture yourself, chose your own shape and colors. Our advise helps making the best choises.




Nanimarquina designs visually strong, surprising rugs that bring joy in the interior. A rug is indispensable. It brings cohesion, cosy feeling, color, acoustics and estetical added value

All nanimarquina rugs are handmade, durable and in respect of our ecology. 

 nanimarquina rabari, lff, ovo




The Functionals  collection– from furniture to lighting and accessories– is in an outstanding quality, remarkable design and timeless. Known designers work with durable materials as steel, wood, glass, leather and textiles. This ables them to create the Functionals collection in an elegant simplicity and rich of special details. 





 The ceramic objects and accessories created by maison Bosa not only express the full range of its crafting expertise, but express its ceaseless experimentation with the potential of ceramic, with the aim of transforming formal and functional conventions into new interpretations, new functions and fantastic worlds 





Armchairs, sofas, small tables, chairs, cabinets, tables, lamps and mirrors, all rigorously made in Italy.
Casamilano collections combine design elegance and functionality. The choice of wisely mixed materials and the care of details, produce unique objects for the contemporary home.
Essential shapes, clean lines interpreted using materials such as ebony, oak and ash wood, chromed steel, and bronze, aluminium fusions; surfaces that are never uniform, though unique in their material aspect and craftsmanship, thus giving life to objects that are almost unique. 
A wide range of leathers and fabrics of different colours and consistencies, a particular and constant attention to quality, a casual and modern way to conceive and decorate the house. Casamilano collection



BD Barcelona Design - "design meets art".

Since 1972 the BD products are developed rather for their beauty than for their function. BD prefers craftsmanship above industrialisation. Its products are closer to the field of art than to industrial design. A BD product is known for its superior quality, small edition (even limited edition) and unique pieces. You can find the work of Salvador Dali or Antoni Gaudi in our art collection. Also contempory designers as Jaime Hayon or Doshi Levien can continue the same artisanal approach with BD where art and design come together. 

BD Barcelona Design





You are welcome to visit our showroom/gallery in Gors-Opleeuw, a beautiful pearl in the region Haspengouw. Our 19th Century farm is renovated in a contempory, modern approach. The building gives the experience of a warm, special atmosphere with progressive solutions and materials.

Visits only by appointment. 

ZU showroomWe organise regularly events in furniture, lifestyle or art.

contact us by email if you want to be added to our guestlist.



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